What Can I Expect?


  • When you book services with AmyHeltPhotography LLC ©  you are investing in a customized photographic experience made to fit you & your families needs.  And I love to make each session unique, and capture your family's personality!
  • Your creation fees include my time and talent, a consultation with you via phone/email/Facebook message discussing what you would like to get out of your session, which I never rush, brainstorming the location together, either in my home studio, outside on location (as weather permits), or a lifestyle session in your home.
  • With your permission, I will post a Facebook Sneak Peek.
  • Once your proofs are ready, you will receive an email with a link and the password to your Digital gallery.  From there you can pick 25 photos, included in your package (with the option to upgrade for more at $5/image).  Then I will do the final edits and details on your final picks. Once they are complete, I’ll send them back to you with instructions for how to download your full sized files, and a 50% Off Code for ordering that will be good for 2 weeks. 
  • Post-Production work includes the basics: artistic color correction, fly away hairs, blemishes on skin, small items in the background.  For Extra, more difficult edits, ask about pricing!
  • Professional Quality Prints, Enlargements, Photobooks, and Gifts can be made right from your Online Gallery using the Professional Print Lab MPIX. (You'll receive a 50% Off Code for the first 2 weeks!)
  • Travel fees will apply for anywhere 30 miles beyond my home, from zipcode 53528 {currently 55 cents/mile.}

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What if my Session is scheduled for Outdoors and it Rains?
Answer: I'd be happy to reschedule with you and cross our fingers for better weather next time.  Mother Nature is hard to predict, I'm flexible!

Question: How long does it take to get my proofs and final edits?
Answer: It depends on the time of the year, but I spend 4-6 hours editing each session to give you the highest quality images.  That means that during the busiest seasons (Summer/Fall) it can take up to a month to complete them, but I strive for 2 weeks whenever possible to get your proofs out, and 1 week for finishing up your final edits.  

Question: Are copyrights included in my package so I can print from anywhere?
Answer: Yes, just keep in mind that not all print labs provide the same quality as others!

Question: How long does it take for the MPIX Print Lab from my online gallery to send out my products?
Answer: They are quick, they usually come within a week!

Question: Are the Canvas Prints from the MPIX Print Lab good in quality?
Answer: Yes, they are the best I've seen! The edges are mirrored so your image on the front isn't distorted, this is a huge benefit of ordering from MPIX, most places don’t do this! And your image is mounted on a 2" thick wooden frame, with the back side stapled into place to prevent movement, and the hanging hardware is already in place.